Fashion fades, only style remains the same. - Coco Chanel

About Me

I started this blog to fulfill a life-long interest in writing, style, photography, and other creative means of expression. I've followed many personal lifestyle blogs and have been inspired by the talent out there.

I intend to my humble journey with you as a 30-something first-time mom, living and working in New York City. I hope that writing about my daily adventures will help me track my progress through different goals and to grow as a writer. I aspire for this blog to be a community space where an exchange of ideas and talents will take place.

General Info:
I love living in New York City, although it is very expensive for a average girl. My husband S and I have met in college and have been married since September 2015. This past May we welcomed our sweet baby girl Charlie. I watch way too much HBO (current obsession is Insecure and of course Game of Thrones). My personal style revolves around mixing high and low end items (although admittedly I don't have lots of access to the high-end stuff).
My parents are from Ecuador (dad) and Puerto Rico (mom), but my Spanish is conversational at best, and down right Spanglish at worst. My greatest hero of fiction is Jane Eyre (she never compromised her integrity). All the photos posted here are taken on an iphone 6.

Thanks for reading!